Pin Bhaba pass & Chandratal Lake Trek  - 8 days   7 days of  trek   

Chandratal Lake, Pin valley national park, Rupi Bhaba wildlife sanctuary, Buchen tribe and Spiti tour

Trip Route: Chandigarh - Shimla - Rampur - Kafnoo - Mulling - Phustiaring - Bhaba pass - Balder - Mud - Kaza - Kunzom la - Chandratal Lake - Rohtang pass - Manali

Trip Facts

Spiti Kinnaur region - Himachal Pradesh, India
Difficulty Level - Moderate, Max Altitude - 4865m 
Trip Length - 9/10  days Delhi to Delhi, 7 days Manali to Shimla, 6 days of Trek and 6 nights of Camp
Activity - Trekking, Hiking, Walking holidays, Best time - June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct

Meals - All meals during the trek and breakfast and dinner at Leh

Trip Introduction

There are 4 passes that connects Pin valley with Kinnaur and Kullu - Bhaba pass a.k.a. Tarikhango, Shakarog Khango, Lartsaway and Pin Parvati pass. To the southwest lies the Bhaba pass which connects Pin valley with Bhaba valley of Kinnaur. It’s named also Tari Khango and it’s more popularly known as the Bhaba pass. Spitian people has long been used this pass as a trade route between 2 valleys. Especially the requirement of timber to the Spitian house building. The geographic contrast between these two valleys is evident after descending to the lush green meadows of Bhaba carpeted in wild flowers, while Pin valley is situated in high cold desert region of Spiti and it remain moist during summer time and having a high winter snowfall. Numbers of plant species can be found in the valley, it is declared as a Pin valley national park in the year 1987, known as land of Ibex and Snow Leopard. Though rare in sightings these rare animal, but it’s a prime time to visit Pin valley in winter when these rare species descend to low altitude. The Chamurthi horses are the pride of Pin valley people and are one of a kind among highland horses. During the summer months the yaks roam free in the vast pastures of Pin valley. Buchens of this valley are the only remaining sects performing ancient rituals. 


Bhaba pass 4865m a.k.a. Tari/Tarik la / Bhapa pass/Tarikhango ancient trade route 
Pin valley national park, Rupi Bhaba wildlife sanctuary, The pride of Spitian – Chamurthi horses

Included in the Cost

  • All ground transportation on a comfortable vehicle as per the itinerary. Pick up from your hotel to drop.

  • Twin sharing accommodation in spacious 3-4 season North face tents, down sleeping bags + liner, Potala design comfortable foam sleeping pads, a pair of  trekking poles. Safety gear Ice axe, ropes, accessories and duffel bags for your baggage's.

  • All camping facilities: Mess tent, camp chairs and table

  • All meals during trek (Bed tea, breakfast, packed lunch, snacks, 3 course dinner) from Indian, local, Tibetan, Chinese and continental cuisine Veg and Non veg.

  • Support staff: Qualified & trained local guide, chef and camp boys.

  • Muleteer or Sherpa porters for portage of your baggage's.

  • Camping fee, trekking permits and fee, park fee.

  • Medical first kit includes medicine for high altitude sickness, mini oxygen bottles.

  • Includes Govt. Service tax 9%. 

Not included in the Cost

  • Hotel accommodation in Manali, Day 1st breakfast and last day dinner.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Mineral water or hard drinks.

  • Entrance fee at monuments, heritage sites, monasteries

  • Tips for Guide(s), cook(s), camp boy(s), muleteer(s), porter(s) and driver.

  • Any unforeseen cost arises by natural hazards rain, snow, road block which cost extra lodging and boarding   beyond trip Schedule.

Outline Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Shimla - Kafnu. Drive 7-8 hrs.

Day 2: Trek to Mulling (3100m), 6 hrs.

Day 3: Trek to Kara (3500m)  4-5 hrs.

Day 4: Trek to Phustirang (4000m), 4-5 hrs.
Day 5: Trek to Bhaba pass (4865m) - Baldar (3900m), 7-8 hrs.
Day 6: Trek to Mudh (3750m) 4-5, Drive to Kaza. 2 hrs.

Day 7: Visit Kee - Kibber, Trek to Chichim or Ladarcha, drive to Takcha.
Day 8: Takcha to Kunzum, drive 1 hrs. Trek to Chandratal Lake 5 hrs. Drive to Manali.

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Detailed Trip Dossier

Day 1: Shimla - Kafnu. Drive 7-8 hrs.

A scenic drive through old Hindustand Tibet Road and along the Satluj River to Kafnoo village. 

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Day 2: Trek to Mulling (3100m), 6 hrs.

From the open parking area in front of the Lake View Resort we follow the dirt service road around storage lake for a small hydro scheme and then head up-valley to a bridge. Cross the bridge and immediately turn left on good trail. The valley narrows quickly as you walk upstream on the true left bank. Pass the few homes of Musrang and enter forest that leads to a set of switchbacks in 45 minutes. The trail climbs up in pleasant pine that leads to open pasture and then descends back to the river . We begin climbing in thick pine forest and sometimes crossing tributary streams for. Cross another grassy pasture before winding through a large gully cut around an ancient terminal moraine, climbing on an easy gradient the entire time. At the end of the gully the trail climbs very slightly into a magnificent broad alpine valley, called Mulling, where there are many good campsites.

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Day 3: Trek to Kara (3580m)  4-5 hrs.

Continue up the Mulling valley.  Beyond the pasture we enter a boulder field and then sparse forest. The valley narrows near the junction of the Yuchdiun river and after the confluence you cross a step-sided gully via a boulder-bridge. A steep climb before traversing to another stunning alpine valley and an extensive pasture popular with shepherds at Kara. There are many fine campsites here

Day 4: Trek to Phustirang (4000m), 4-5 hrs.

The Phustirang Nala heads northwest from Kara, and we will need to find a convenient crossing point near the confluence with the main valley before climbing the true left . The trail climbs rapidly up a grassy spur before the gradient eases as you cross gently undulating pastures with many boulders. There are many herder shelters in the valley but the best campsites are at the base of the pass-climb. There are two main camps, a lower site, and after a short climb an upper site that offers an easier start for the following day

Day 5: Trek to Bhaba pass (4865m) - Baldar (3900m), 7-8 hrs.

The trail climbs a scree-covered spur that heads steeply up the centre of pass-approach valley.  After about 350m of ascent the trail crosses a melt-water stream and then climbs steeper ground for another 150m to reach a plateau, which some groups use as a high camp. Traverse around a shallow basin to your north and ascend a rocky moraine hillock to reach another, larger basin. The pass is the lowest point on the surrounding ridge to your north  and is reached by crossing the basin and climbing directly to Bhaba Pass.. Reach the flat-bottomed valley and long lake in less than 1 hour.

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Day 6: Trek to Mudh (3750m) 4-5, Drive to Kaza. 2 hrs.

Leaving Baldor the trail is relatively easy. At the end of our trail the valley separates to main Pin River. To the left the trails goes towards Pin Parvati pass to Parvati valley in Kullu and to the right to Bhaba pass. Vegetation becomes more and more as we move forward to Mud, yet this valley is home of numbers of wild animals, the rarest and finest of them is an elegant snow-leopard. We could cross domestic animals i.e. yak and Dzo grazing. Pin valley makes different to other valleys of Himalayan region by its sedimentary rock formation. Arriving at Mud, we drive to Kaza. Overnight hotel.

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Day 7: Visit Kee - Kibber, Trek to Ladarcha, drive to Takcha.

Today leaving Kaza, short drive to visit Kee gompa and further to visit Kibber village. A short trek from this village to impressive Parlilungbi gorge to Demul. That lasts for 2 hrs and climb up to road head. The left side trail goes to Chichim village. Reach Chichim and drive to Losar and further to Takcha campsite.

Day 8: Takcha to Kunzum, drive 1 hrs. Trek to Chandratal Lake 5 hrs. Drive to Manali, 5 hrs

Early departure from camp to Kunzum pass, an hour drive and from here we take 8 kms walk to Chandratal Lake, with stunning view all around. Arrive at Lake and explore surrounding and finally drive to Manali 5 hrs drive. Trip Ends.

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