Deo Tibba - Hamta Pass  6 Days
Scenic route with peaceful camps, favorite trekking route for beginner
Trip Route: Manali - Jagatsukh - Tilgan - Sarotu Thach - Chikka - Balu ka Gera - Hamta pass 4270m - Sheagoru - Chatru - Rohtang pass 3978m - Manali

Trip Facts

Kullu & Manali region - Himachal Pradesh
Difficulty Level - Moderate, Max Altitude - 4270 m 
Trip Length - 6-7  days Delhi to Delhi, 6 days Manali to Manali, 6 days of Trek and 5 nights of Camp
Activity - Trekking / Hiking / Walking holidays, Best time - June to July,  Sept, Oct.

Meals: All meal during the trek

Trip Introduction

The elegent Deo Tibba 6001 m, situated south east of Manali town and above Jagatsukh village on the Pir Panjal range of Himalaya. A comfortable trek, the route is full of panoramic views along thick forest and alpine plateau to the Piang Neru base of Deo Tibba (West Face). Piang Neru nala or Jobri nallah is a principal tributary of the Hamta nallah.

From Jagatsukh we follow one of the best alpine walks with an untiring gradient to Sarotu thach (Thach – meadow) and Raudi Khodi. Crossing wonderful alpine plateau a breath-taking view of Deo Tibba appears with magical suddenness. Piang Neru at about 12000 feet where lateral morains of the Piang Neru glacier comes to an end. Finally easy descent to Chikka at Hamta nallah and along the rock wall to Chachoga heights to Chachoga village. 

Deo Tibba Hamta Pass 6 Days - Outline Itinerary

 Day 1 : Manali (1950m) - Jagatsukh (1850m) drive 6 kms, Trek to Tilgan (2800m), 5-6 hrs.

 Day 2 : Trek to Sarotu thach (3250m) - Rauri Kholi (3900m), 6-7 hrs.

 Day 3 : Trek to Piang Neru (3600m) - Chikka (3100m), 6 hrs

 Day 4 : Chikka 3100m – Balu Gera (3600m) Trek 5/6 hrs.

 Day 5 : Balu Gera- Hamta Pass (4268m) - Shia Goru (3900m) Trek 6-7 hrs.

 Day 6 : Shia Goru - Chatru (3100m) Trek 5 hrs.  – Drive to Manali 3 hrs.


 Day 1 : Manali (1950m) - Jagatsukh (1850m) drive 6 kms, Trek to Tilgan (2800m), 5-6 hrs.

 Day 2 : Trek to Sarotu thach (3250m) - Rauri Kholi (3900m), 6-7 hrs.

 Day 3 : Trek to Piang Neru (3600m) - Chikka (3100m), 6 hrs

 Day 4 : Chikka 3100m – Balu Gera (3600m) Trek 5/6 hrs.

 Day 5 : Balu Gera- Hamta Pass (4268m) - Shia Goru (3900m) Trek 6-7 hrs.

 Day 6 : Shia Goru - Chatru (3100m) Trek 5 hrs.  – Drive to Chandratal Lake 2 hrs. Back to camp.

 Day 7 : Drive to Rohtang pass (3978m) - Manali 4-5 hrs.

Included in the Cost

  • All ground transportation to & fro as per the itinerary.

  • 3 - 4 season tent, sleeping bag, comfortable foam sleeping pad, trekking poles

  • All camping facilities: Mess tent, camp chair and table

  • All meals during trek from Indian, local, Tibetan, Chinese and continental cuisine.

  • Support staff: Qualified & trained local guide, chef and camp boys.

  • Muleteer or porter  for portage of your baggage's.

  • Camping fee, trekking permits and fee, park fee.

  • Medical first kit includes medicine for high altitude sickness, mini oxygen bottles.

  • Includes GST  5%.

Not included in the Cost

  • Hotel accommodation in Manali

  • Day 1st breakfast and last day dinner.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Soft or hard drinks.

  • Tips for Guide(s), cook(s), camp boy(s), muleteer(s), porter(s) and driver.

  • Any unforeseen cost arises by natural hazards rain, snow, road block which cost extra and beyond trip Schedule.

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Trip dossier

 Day 1 : Manali –jagatsukh ( 1850m ) drive to Jagatsukh 6 kms. Trek to Tilgan (2800m). 5 hrs.

Today after breakfast we drive to Jagatsukh village situated at the distance of 6 kms south of Manali on the left banks of Beas river or Manali – Naggar main route. Once it was the old capital of Kullu, is one of the biggest village in Kullu valley. Main attraction of this village is Shiva temple built in 8th century in shikara style and also famous for its ancient temples.It is famous of its Chacholi Jatra festival. Starting our trek from Jagatsukh at first we start gentle climb to Banara village. Located above Jagatsukh village. Surrounding great view of upper Kullu valley. We now climb through thickly forest, during summer this trail with abundance of flowers. We arrive at lush green meadows of Sarotu Thach, thach- locally means grazing area. Overnight in camp.

 Day 2 : Trek to Sarotu Thach (3250m) - Rauri Kholi (3900m). 6-7 hrs.

Today after breakfast we climb gentle on slopes of Hamta. We will arrive at above tree line from where the magnificient view of Pir Panjal range on west side and Brigu Lake Mountains. This entire slopes became famous in world due to one of the best ski slopes in the world. During winter Heli Skiing is major activities on this hills. Below us lies Sethan village and far main Hamta valley. We climb gently to the campsite of Rauri Kholi. The magnificient campsite with panoramic view.

 Day 3 : Trek to Piang Neru (3600m) - Chikka (3100m). 5 hrs.

Today after breakfast the trail crosses over slopes and alpin pasture. We climb for 1-2 hrs. With first view of Deo Tibba massif can be seen from here. We descend down to Jobri nallah. This part is fully covered with medicinal herbs and plants. We cross Jobri nallah and have great view of Deo Tibba massif. During spring till end of autumn entire area is filled with sheperds. Continue on the right side of Jobri for an hour and sharp descent to Chikka. One of the best camp spot of our trek.

 Day 4 : Chikka 3100m – Balu Gera (3600m) Trek 5/6 hrs.

Today after breakfast we continue to trek, first gentle climb on patches of meadows than along the nallah. Here we make RIVER CROSSING on HAMTA River. Again trail goes through patches of meadows with great view. We make another small stream crossing. After trails goes through rocks and we pass below small cascade before Jwara. Jwara is a place where sheperds and Gujjar do make settlements during summer time grazing their buffalos and cows. We are now totally above tree line and landscape changes. We make yet another stream crossing before Jwara and continue to climb to Balu ka Gera. The first view of Hamta pass can be seen from here. Simply means bears den. Balu ka Gera is known for wild flowers, rocks and caves. During icy winter Bears roams in this area.

 Day 5 : Balu Gera- Hamta Pass (4268m) - Shia Goru (3900m) Trek 6-7 hrs.

Today leaving Balu Ka Gera we starts ascend to Hamta pass. Shortly after camp easy trail along the stream. We will arrive at small natural lake at the foot of Hamta pass or below Inderkila. A further 1: 30 m trail takes you to Hamta pass. From Hamta pass fantastic view of Deo Tibba (6001m) and Indersan (6220m). Which is superb to see? After crossing the Hamta pass, we enter in Lahoul valley. We descend steep to campsite, overnight camp.

 Day 6 : Shia Goru - Chatru (3100m) Trek 5 hrs.  – Drive to Manali 3 hrs.

Today we leave Shira Gorh camp early, close to camp we cross-stream (RIVER CROSSING) and follow the right bank until it joins with the Chandra River. Again, we cross the same stream by small wooden bridge close to Chandra. Now we follow the left bank of Chandra River. 30 minute later a motor able bridge to be cross to reach at the campsite of Chatru. Chatru is surrounded with Rocky Mountains. We drive to Garmphoo, junction between Manali - Kaza and Manali-Leh highway. Road winds up to Rohtang pass with panoramic view of CB peaks and glaciers and on Kullu side we have Hanumaan Tibba 5990m, Maker Beh, Shikar Beh. We descend through one of the most scenic route and pass magnificent villages of Kothi, Palchan, Kulang, below Vashisht and finally Manali, overnight hotel.


"Thank you Potala Adventures for a fantastic trek. We had a great adventure, saw stunning scenery and finished the trek with a great sense of achievement. Our Guide was experienced and always helpful and polite, our cook provided delicious food at every meal and there was always plenty - miracles emerged from that little tent every night. The pony man his team of ponies and his skills with them were a highlight of the trip. It was a good team, well organized and gave us a good experience."

Mr Eric, Mrs Diane & Group - Bega, AUSTRALIA - 15th Sept to 21st Sept 2016 - 7 Days